Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rain Hat for your Doll

To complete the "Rain Gear" for dolls, I also made a little rain hat.  I used a medium sized thin paper plate and folded in half repeatedly until it was the shape of a small triangle.  I then glued two of the triangle folds together with a hot glue gun to create the shape of the hat.  I folded the outer edges of the plate up to create the rim of the hat.  Then I attached a pipe cleaner to either side of the hat to create the strap.  To finish the hat, I painted it purple and green to match the rain boots that I made in this POST.
Emily wearing the unpainted hat.

A top view of the painted hat.
Emily wearing the finished hat with her poncho and rain boots.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dollie Rain "Gear"

We have been experiencing a lot of Springtime showers here in Pennsylvania which inspired me to make rain "gear" for the dolls.  I started with the RAIN BOOTS in a previous post.  Since that post, I have added a rain poncho, an umbrella, and a rain hat (not pictured.)  The rain hat will be featured in a future post once it is complete.

To make the umbrella, I used a tutorial from My Froggy Stuff Facebook.  Click HERE to view the video tutorial.  NOTE: I used American Girl scrapbook paper and wooden skewers for inside support (instead of toothpicks.)

The Rain Poncho was quite simple to make.  I cut a 22 inch long and 11 inch wide rectangle out of a plastic table cloth.  Then I folded it in half length wise and laid my doll on top of the cloth.  I used my doll as a guide to cut a hole in the folded crease just big enough for the doll's head to fit through.  The plastic table cloth will stretch a little.  Then I used a small dot of hot glue to attach the pieces of the poncho under both of the doll's arms to create a large arm hole.  ***Please ask for a parents help with using the glue so that you do not damage your doll.***

Have fun in the "Springtime Showers!" **Please remember to never actually put your doll in water or real rain as your doll could get ruined.