Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to make a Couch for 18 inch dolls

This couch has been getting repinned a lot on my Pinterest account -Kristi's Pinterest.  I figured that I would post a How To about it.  I got the inspiration for this couch from watching a YouTube video.  However, I had to tweak it quite a bit to make it sturdy enough for play.

Couch for 18 Inch Dolls:
Items Needed:
-One 12 can soda box
-Packing tape
-Duck tape
-Hot Glue
-Scrap or Up-cycled Fabric (I used on of my daughter's old sweat-jacket that I knew I could not pass down to her sisters because it was High School Musical themed.)
-Two pieces of square cardboard.

Getting to Work:
Step 1:  Use packaging tape to cover and holes in the soda box except the middle hold (where the box would have been punched through to hold.)  Keep that hole open for now to help with stuffing the couch.
Step 2:  Cut the soda box along the top and front side.  Move a few inches in on both sides before cutting to create the arm rest areas.  Also, when cutting the front of the box, stop about an inch from the bottom of the box to create the footer of the couch.  Push the separated top and side piece into the couch to create the back cushion and seat areas of the couch.
Step 3:  Use the polyfill to stuff the couch (both behind the back cushion area and under the seat.  I stuffed the couch from both side openings and used the handle hole (that I did not cover with packaging tape) to push stuffing into the middle of the couch.  The polyfill helps the couch keep it's shape during play.
Step 4:  Cover the handle hole with packaging tape.
Step 5:  Cut the two pieces of square cardboard to fit inside the arm rest area (in the hole created by cutting the sides in step 2.)  I found that this make the helps to make the couch sturdier and hold it's shape better.
Step 6:  Cut scraps of fabric to fit the couch and attach with hot glue.  I only covered the front cushion, the seat area, and the inside arm rest areas with fabric for this couch but you can cover the couch however you want.
Step 7:  Cover the remaining uncovered areas of the couch with duck tape (style of your choice.)
Now you have a great, sturdy couch for your dolls made out of materials that can be found around the house!
The couch in the living room area of the house with matching table and chair set and kitchen items in the kitchen.


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  2. What an awesome idea for doll furniture when just starting out!

  3. Now I have something to make with my granddaughter this weekend. Thank you!