Sunday, March 4, 2012

Picture Frame Clothing Rack for Dolls

Once when shopping at the outlets in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I saw a store that used rectangle metal frames for clothing racks.  Ever since, I have been thinking about making a doll sized version.  It just so happened that my husband was able to come across a bunch of rectangle shaped metal picture frames that were being sent to be thrown away at one of his work buildings.  He asked if he could take them to be re-used instead, and they said yes.  I love up-cycling and re-purposing items so this was the perfect fit to my long awaited clothing rack project!
 How to Make a Picture Frame Clothing Rack for Dolls:

Items Needed: 
-Large metal picture frame
-Hot Glue
-Cardboard or thick poster board
-Duck Tape
-Screw Driver (if screws have to be removed from frame in order to take the picture out)

Getting to Work:
Step 1:  Remove picture and glass or plastic cover from frame.  If under 13 years old, ask for a parent's help.  This may require use of a screwdriver depending on the type of frame.

Step 2:  Hot glue the bottom piece of the picture frame to the center of your poster board/cardboard.  Hold firmly down to dry. 

Step 3:  Cover the entire poster board/cardboard with silver duck tape.  Pull the tape through the picture frame and over the bottom piece of the picture frame (this will help to make the frame sturdier and keep it attached to the board.

Step 4:  Hang your doll clothing on the rack.

Kit really likes Mia's Ice Skating sweater!

Now you have an easy to make clothing rack for your dolls.  You can also use this as a prop for a doll store or a "backstage" doll play area for your dolls' next show.  I hope you enjoy this craft.  Please feel free to email me any pictures of your dolls and the crafts you make them  Also, I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment!


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