Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Up-cycling items to make American Girl doll furniture.

I have become obsessed with making furniture for my two older daughters' American Girl dolls.  It originally started because they wanted furniture for Christmas.  However, I did not want to spend a lot of money on just a few items.  So, I began searching the web for ideas of how to make furniture.  I stumbled upon some great sites and got to work!
I really wanted to show my girls a good example by using a lot of the materials we have around the house as well.  I began looking at the boxes in the recycling bin in a new light.  The wheels were turning.  The first items I made were a table and chair set.  I used egg cartons, boxes and duck tape.  I could not believe how well it turned out, and I had Kanani try out the set just to be sure.  She looked super cute with the set and fit really well!
I continued on with a new goal to make as much furniture I could for my girls for Christmas.  It was a bit overwhelming as Christmas was only a couple of weeks away at the time.  Yet, I worked pretty much every night to make or finish items using re-purposed materials, boxes, containers, fabric, duck tape, and hot glue.
I ended up with the table and chair set, a couch, a rocking chair, a desk and chair set, two beds, four storage ottomans, a triple decker bunk bed, a storage cubicle, a TV, a locker, a vanity, a coffee table, a mini cubicle, and some clothes.
My girls were so excited!  We ended up turning one of their bedrooms into the "Doll Room" and made the closet in that room a doll house.  I have enjoyed seeing them play with the items with all of their dolls.  They have so many: nine American Girls, two Journey Girls, two Tolly tots, one Madame Alexander, one Springfield, and three Battat/Our Generation dolls.

I have continued to make items.  It has become a new hobby, and I am hoping to teach my daughters how to make items as well.  Also, even if my big girls run out of room, which they may, my two year old just got her first American Girl Doll for Christmas and she has been putting in requests for furniture....So Funny!


  1. can you post how you made the rocking chair?

  2. how do you make the bed?