Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gwenie's Hearts 4 Hearts Girl Doll

Gwenie with her Hearts 4 Hearts Girl Consuelo who is now renamed Veronica after a friend of my daughters' who comes to our house after school.
Recently, we made a trip to Toys R Us to use our Rewards Card coupons earned from Christmas.  We had originally planned to buy Gwenie a Journey Girls Callie doll but they did not have her at the store.  We showed Gwenie a couple other options of dolls, but she really didn't seem to like any other them. 

Then I spotted the one and only Hearts 4 Hearts Doll in the store and picked her up to show Gwenie.  She immediately started saying "My doll, my doll!" so I knew we had a winner.  The doll was Consuelo from Mexico City.  The best part was that by using our Rewards Coupons, we got her for FREE!

This is the front of the box featuring Consuelo.  She is quite pretty!
Front flap of the box open with the doll still inside.
Back of box.  They are all so cute!

The inside flap of the box with information about Consuelo. 

My Thoughts:
This doll is very pretty, and I love the message about helping others!  She has a cute book with lots of information in that my nine year old spent at least 45 minutes reading and telling me about.  Her hair is very soft and remarkably easy to manage considering the length.  I love that she can be posed and Gwenie (my two year old) can easily move her arms, legs, head, etc. however she wants.  Cute clothes, shoes, and accessories.  My ONLY issue is with her earrings because they will not stay in her ears.  I am thinking about using hot glue to permanently attach them to the earring holes.  We have managed to loose her earring so many times since we got her last Saturday.
I am going to be reusing the inside of the box to make a bed for her and the box itself to create a wardrobe.  However, I will be not be covering a lot of the box itself because of all the information and pictures.  Stay tuned for a post about those projects!

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