Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Daughter Abbi's Doll Photography

My nine year old daughter, Abbi, received a camera for Christmas from her Gandpa and Gandma.  She is really just learning how to use the camera but was excited to start learning and taking pictures.  Some of the first items she took pictures of were some of our dolls.  The pictures are somewhat blurry but she tried her best.  Again, she is still learning, but she wanted to share the pictures she has taken.  Hopefully, with more practice, she will have additional photos to share!
My daughter, Abbi, with her AG doll Kit.
Kit under the Christmas Tree.
"Amelia" Abbi's MyAG she received from Santa.
"Jordan" Lianna's MyAG she received from Santa. 
Abbi's Nicki (GOTY) in the old room set-up.
Lianna's Kanani and Abbi's Amelia having tea.
These two dolls are the girls Aunt Molly's dolls (Molly is nine like Abbi.)  The dolls are Kirsten and "Anastasia" who is a "My Friends" doll---I think that is that name.
Again, Aunt Molly's dolls: Molly and Kirsten.
The AG Mini dolls relaxing in the living room of the dollhouse, Samantha, Julie, and Kit.

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