Saturday, January 14, 2012

The New Doll Saga Continued

As you may know, I had purchased two dolls with a clothing LOT off of Ebay.  To my disappointment, the seller refunded our money to our PayPal account without any explanation.  My husband tried to contact him, with no response and then reported him to Ebay.  After all of this, the seller finally contacted us and said that we now owe him $140.00 because he had to re-invoice us because of the refund.  He said that he is "new to Ebay" and thought that when we requested an invoice the first time, we were asking for a refund.  My husband told him to forget it.  We think it is a scam, and we are going to report the email we got stating about the $140.00 invoice plus leave negative feedback.
It is really upsetting though because I was looking forward to those dolls coming and being able to share the clothes with my youngest daughter.  Also, this is really the first Ebay transaction that we have ever had turn out negatively.  Now, it is time to move on.
We took our older daughters to Lancaster today to meet Roxanne (their step-grandma) for the weekend.  We happened upon a store at the outlets called Kahn Lucas that sells Dollie & Me outfits for girls and dolls and Madame Alexander dolls.  I purchased the "Alyssa" doll for $30.00, which my two year old has renamed Rebecca because she thinks she looks like the AG Rebecca doll.  I also purchased a PJ set for my two year old and her doll Molly that was on sale for $15.00, a Tutu outfit for Molly and an additional outfit for my new doll.  More pictures to come in the next post!

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