Thursday, January 26, 2012

Furniture for Bitty Twins

My youngest daughter has two Bitty Twins-Paige and Henry.  We did not buy them as a set.  Paige was passed onto Gwenie this Christmas from her older sister and was originally a pre-used doll.  We bought Henry at American Girl Place NYC last year.  My daughter was happy to give Henry a sister to play with that was a "toddler too!" instead of just the Bitty Babies.
Henry, Paige, and Bitty #1 in the retired Bitty Baby crib.
Gwenie has a few pieces of the Bitty Baby furniture (mostly passed onto her by her sister) including the retired crib, retired high chair that separates into a chair and table, the changing table, and the retired version of the car seat ( a Thrifty Fabulous Find!)  However, she is starting to also play with 18" dolls.  I would really like to encourage her to play with the Bitty Twins more since they are more of a toddler version doll.  I think this would help her in a lot of play experiences with her little friends and give her a chance to practice ways to play appropriately (she has sensory and behavior issues.) 
Gwenie with Paige in a Thrift Fabulous Find! wicker chair.

I am contemplating either buying a table and chair play set for her Bitty Twins from American Girl in order to help promote this "practice play."  See link here:Bitty Twin Art & Music Play Table or making her my own version.  While, at $48.00, this set is not unreasonably priced, I feel compelled to make my own version.  Maybe I will make my version first and then, if we are able to take a trip to the AG Place in D.C., buy a table there.  Not sure....What do you think?
American Girl Bitty Twin table (from link above.)

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