Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Dolls!

I really wanted to buy an American Girl doll for myself.  However, when I saw a LOT of two dolls on Ebay, one older Battat and one that I think is Tender Hearts with a large amount of clothing for $55.00, I just could not say NO to that deal.  I purchased this LOT tonight and expect the items to arrive sometime next week.  I cannot wait for the dolls and items to arrive!  Pictures will be posted when the new dolls are welcomed to our house!

I do still plan to buy an American Girl doll but it really has to be the right time and the right doll.  I have my eye out for one and am hoping to come across a bargain.  However, if I do not, we are contemplating taking the girls to the American Girl store in D.C. this summer so I might wait until then to purchase an AG doll for myself.

Either way, I am super excited to have my own dolls to use while crafting.  I am planning to purchase a sewing machine sometime this year and also experiment with Duck tape and no sew clothing as well as continue to make furniture and other items for the dolls.  It will be great to have my own dolls to use as "guinea pigs" before passing along the items that I make to my daughters, sister, and friends!

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  1. So sad....the seller on Ebay refunded the money for the dolls to our Paypal account without any known reason. We did not request a refund and he has not returned our emails to find out why he put the refund through. I was really looking forward to welcoming those dolls to our house. Hopefully, on our trip to Lancaster tomorrow, I might be able to find a doll that I like.