Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Duck Tape is a Crafters Best Friend!


I love duck tape!  It has quickly become my go to staple in all my crafts, furniture, and items that I make for my daughters.  I also love how many varieties duck tape comes in now!  This post will feature some of the items that I have transformed just by using duck tape.
 Some future projects I am planning to make with duck tape are a duck tape shirt, skirt, & dress, more doll furniture, a doll gymnastics mat, doll shoes, doll suitcases, wallets, purses, and or so many more!  

Stool re-purposed into a desk/table and wooden doll chair brought to life with Zebra pint duck tape!
The "Lianna Chair"--wooden doll rocking chair inspired by Lianna with purple and Zebra print duck tape.
A bed for Gwenie's Molly doll-a shipping box re-purposed into a bed with purple and silver duck tape.
Abbi's doll locker.  An X-box Zoom box re-purposed into a locker with blue duck tape (and some hard work!)
A wooden tissue holder re-purposed into a couch using silver, purple, pink and Zebra print duck tape.
A Barbie Princess Castle box converted into the a doll house with Cheetah print and  purple duck tape ( and wood design shelf liner.)
The wall in the dollhouse living room re-designed with purple duck tape stripes.
Doll Balance beam (via Karen mom of Three's Craft Blog) with bright blue duck tape.

Hope you enjoy these!  Please fee free to leave me a comment or contact me.

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