Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Construction in our Doll Room! Some early Pictures!

We have a doll room at our house....really just the girls' one bedroom that they would not sleep in because they still refuse to sleep in separate rooms.  I have previously turned the closet in that room into a dollhouse and also started to make a "split level" house out of a Barbie castle box and a book shelf.  See Pictures here:  Our Doll Room Page

I personally have been thinking about making a bathroom for the girls dolls, and I also knew that the girls wanted to integrate the big triple decker bunk bed I made them for Christmas into an actual bedroom in the house.  This led me to the decision of expanding our "split level" house by adding two more rooms on the bottom level, a bathroom and another bedroom.  This project is definitely a work in progress but I started some of the construction earlier today with my girls.  I still have plans to make a top roof to the bookshelf (to make it look more like a house) and completely decorate the shelf bedrooms.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will find some additional time to work on this.  I will post more pictures as the project unfolds.
The start of the bathroom.  An up-cycled cardboard box is the base of the room.  There will be walls added on either side of the bathroom.  To the left of the bathroom will become the additional bedroom space...small but just enough for the dolls that live on the triple decker bed.
One of the walls with pass through door cut out.  This is made out of two pieces of up-cycled cardboard taped together.

Lianna holding up the wall between the living area and new to be bathroom.  Still a lot of work to go but the shape is there.

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