Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Sister Molly's Doll Furniture Creations!

My sister Molly with her doll Molly and the trunk she made to hold Molly's clothes!
My sister Molly, who is nine like my oldest daughter, is an avid reader of my blog.  She has recently fallen in love with American Girl and other dolls.  She has been working on making her dolls furniture and other items using my blog as her inspiration!  She told my mom that I am her role model.  How amazing!

I love that I can connect with my sister through dolls.  My sister and I have a 20 year age difference.  The dolls, my blog, and her joy of crafting have definitely brought us closer.  I am so happy to share some of her creations with my readers!

A closer look at the inside of Molly's doll trunk.  She hasn't quite finished decorating it but I think she did a wonderful job!  She used a regular shipping box, duck tape, and a wire hanger for the clothing rack.
Molly's doll school wall.  She used pieces from the American Girl Doll School Book to make the school wall display.
Molly's school table.
Molly's couch that turns into a futon.  The sides can be unattached to lie flat.
I especially love these!  These are the drawers Molly made for the doll trunk.  They are made from book binding boxes that my mom brought home for Molly.  The drawers pull out so that she can keep all of her dolls' items inside.
 I love the items that my sister has created.  She also gave me a tour of her doll rooms that she has set-up in basically every corner of my mom's living and dining rooms.  I am so glad that she enjoys crafting.  I hope to share more of her doll items as she finishes them!

On a side note:  Molly has two American Girl dolls, Kirsten and Molly, a mini Julie doll, and Angelina, who is an 18" doll from a craft store.  She also has many, many porcelain dolls that she plays with and showed off to me at her house!

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