Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Doll Tea Party!

My daughter, Gwenie, with her two friends and dolls: Molly, Abbi, Kanani, Sock Monkey, and "Doll" at the tea party!
My daughter and her two little friends had a tea party with their dolls today!  The girls were served ice tea, cake pops, and some "fancy hearts."  The dolls were served pretend tea and cake.  The party was a pretty big hit with the girls! 

The three girls were having little conversations with each other.  After I modeled serving a feeding the dolls, the girls were all helping their dolls (and sock monkey :) ) drink "tea" and eat cake.  It was also a fun way to practice our manners and please and thank yous. 
Gwenie drinking her tea.
We ended up spending the entire day and all of our routines with the dolls by our sides.  The girls taught their dolls our circle songs, helped them look out the window to check the weather, and played all their games with the dolls in hand.  It was cute to see how the interacted differently with the "older" dolls compared to the baby doll play they normally do.  The girls had the dolls talking to each other, going places (like the store,) and interacting in more of a friend way than in the mother to baby way that they play with the baby dolls.

My "big girls" even joined in on the fun when they came home from school!  They each brought up one of their American Girl dolls from their doll room and played with the little girls and their dolls.  At one point, all the girls and dolls were looking out the window for snow.  It was so cute to see this line of girls, from ages 1-9, and their dolls standing at the window engaged with each other during this time!  Just wish I had gotten a picture!

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