Sunday, January 29, 2012


I have decided to combine my followers on this blog with the people who have liked the Facebook page that I made for my blog.  See it here at Miss Kristi's Blog Facebook.  The combined follower total is currently 16 people!  (I did not double count the people that have both followed my blog and liked my Facebook page.)
I have decided to do two drawings.  One for the people listed as followers on my blog and one for the people that have liked my blog's Facebook page.  This means that there will now be TWO WINNERS of the giveaway! 
I will be doing the drawing later today and will post the winners names on my blog, Facebook page, and email or message the winners as well!  The emails or messages to the winners will include instructions on letting me know which piece of my doll furniture you have selected to receive.  I will also be asking for your mailing address so that I can ship the item to you.  If the winner(s) is under 18 years old, I will need parental permission.
I am so excited to do my first giveaway!  I very thankful for every reader, follower, and like of my blog's Facebook page!  I love sharing my ideas and creations with everyone!
Kristi :)

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