Thrifty Fabulous!

This Page is dedicated to all Thrifty Fabulous Finds!  I love finding items for our dolls or that can be re-purposed for our dolls in thrift stores, dollar stores, discounts stores, yard sales, and any other place with a Thrifty
Deal.  As a mom of three, it is very important to me to use my thrifty skills in any way I can to save money.  It is great that I can use these skills to supplement our doll items!

Thrifty Fabulous Finds of January 7, 2012!
All of the items were purchased at our local Salvation Army Store.
Items from left to right:  Doll sleigh-$1.99; The Kit Story Collection-was $9.99 and the cashier took $5.00 of the price so I got it for $4.99; jewelery dresser-$1.99, two AG The Care of You Books-$1.49 each; Basket chair-$0.49; five mini baskets for $0.99; two teapots (salt & pepper shakers) for $0.99, and a mini dollhouse shelf for $0.99.

Some different sized pillowcases to re-purpose from $0.99-$2.99.  The one of the left with little red stars is a pillowcase for a small pillow.  It is already the perfect size to use as a sleeping bag for my youngest daughter's Bitty Twin or one of her Bitty Babies--just needs to be washed first.  No sewing needed, yeah!
Gwenie and her Bitty Twin "Paige" enjoying their new chair!
 Thrifty Fabulous Finds of January 11, 2012
I bought everything in the pictures below (plus two pairs of pants for my husband) for $28.00!

Left: Jewelry box dresser, mini easel, a bunch of wooden buckets/bowls, mini wooden bench to use with min AG dolls, small wicker basket, mini snow globe, and a couple mini wooden books.
Right: A bunch of mini pots, a pan, and a pitcher.

Left:  Three mini clay pitchers and two porcelain tea cups.
Right:  Three small picture frames.