I thought I would add a page to post some pictures and such of activities I do with my kiddos or have done in my previous classrooms.  Currently, I have three little toddlers (one being my youngest daughter) that I spend the day with.  We have a little preschool schedule in the morning.  I have previously taught preschool 3's, Pre-K, and Kindergarten.
Gwenie's Busy Box.  Inside her a busy book I made her for practicing basic skills, a fine motor activity, books that she choose, spoons of different colors that she loves to sort and count, and some mini plastic eggs.  More will be added or changed as needed.
A sensory color box.  The kiddos picked an object, named the color and placed on matching color piece of paper.  After all the objects were sorted, we estimated how many objects of each color, talked about most and least, and counted the objects.
10 Little Groundhogs craft we made to use to as a visual when we sang the "Ten Little Groundhogs" song for Groundhog Week.  They are thumb prints.

Bath duck, fish, frog, and turtle sorting.  (That's my two year old in the picture.)

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