Doll Room

Dollhouse for Kanani, Jordan and Amelia made in the closet.  

We live in a house that is essentially a Duplex (divided into two homes.)  We live on the first floor and basement levels of the house.  Our two older daughters basically have their own little apartment on the entire basement level (except the laundry area.)  The have a family room, bedroom and bathroom all to themselves.  We decided that since they mainly only ever slept in the family room or "big room" as they call it, we would turn the bedroom into a play space for their dolls. 
The "apartment" that is slowly turning into a "split level house."  This is where Nicki, Mia, Ruthie, Meredith and Alex live.  For now anyway. 

The doll salon.  Katie is getting her hair done.
The salon waiting area.  Katie, Paige and Ling are waiting for their turn.

The corner area with a triple bunk bed (Isabella is in her bed,) storage cubbies that I made, Molly in her chair, and the doll's jeep.
Gwenie, Lianna, and Abbi having a cookie party with Mia,
Kanani, Amelia, Molly and Jordan.

Kit and Alex's "dorm room."


  1. cool! can u do a video on how to make a guitar with case and violin with case and ect. please

    1. Taylor...I don't do videos because, to be honest, I have to squeeze in my crafting whenever I can which is usually when everyone else is napping or sleeping. I will, however, think about how to make some musical instruments for future post tutorials with pictures.

  2. Could you show how to make a toilet,a bookshelf,and an ironing board? Thanks!