Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to make a Kitchen for 18 Inch Dolls: Part 4-Sink with cabinet

How to Make Kitchen Sink with Cabinet for 18" dolls:

Items Needed:
One box-My box is a jewelery dresser box, the same type of box that was used in an earlier post on How To Make a Stove-18" Doll Stove.
One small plastic container.  My container was a square shaped, plastic storage container.
Duck Tape
Electrical Tape
Poster board
Four Ball Head thumb tacks
One Silly band ring
Hot Glue
Pipe cleaners

Getting to Work:
Step 1:  Trace the bottom of plastic container onto the top lid of the box.  Cut out hole.  You may need to make the hole larger to fit the container.  My container got bigger closer to the top so I made the original hole larger.  Hot glue container in place.  Close the lid.  This forms the sink.
Step 2:  Trace the 2 sides and back of the box onto poster board.  Cut out and hot glue to box.

Step 3:  Cut the bottom half of the front of the box to form the cabinet doors.  I cut straight across the half way point of the box and then again about 1/2 an inch from the bottom of the box.  The I cut down the middle of the piece to make two cabinet doors.  Next, hot glue two pieces of foam to fit inside the sink/cabinet.

Step 4: Cover the front of the box (except cabinets) with duck tape.  I used purple to match the other items for the kitchen that I already made.
Step 5: Cover the cabinet doors.  I used black electrical tape because it is stretchy, flexible and easier to maneuver it tight places.
Step 6:  Add the door knobs using two ball head thumb tacks.  Hot glue one ball head thumb tack with a silly band ring around it to the left door.  Hot glue the other ball head thumb tack in place on the right side door. Back each tack up with a piece of foam covered in electrical tape to keep the tack from poking out.  Wrap the silly band ring around the other tack to close.

Step 7: Making the faucet and knob.  Wrap two pipe cleaners bent in the shape of a faucet in black electrical tape.  Hot glue in place on the back of the box. (I also covered it with a few pieces of electrical tape.)  Take two pieces of foam cut to fit and wrap in electrical tape.  Hot glue on box on either side of the faucet.  Hot glue a ball head thumb tack in place on both pieces of foam.

Now you have your completed sink!  Use my previous posts to make an entire Kitchen for you 18 inch dolls! 
The kitchen and living room area in my daughters' "split level" dollhouse.  They like Cheetah print!

Mia and Kanani enjoying Cinnamon cookies.  Amelia baking the cookies.  Molly hanging out on the loft and Jordan watching TV.


  1. This is cute!!! I think i will make one to go with my new oven!!!

    1. Great! I would love to see pictures when you finish it!