Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to Make a Kitchen for 18 inch dolls: Part 3-Table and Chairs

Table and Chair Set for your 18 inch doll's kitchen
This was the project that started everything for me.  My daughters had been asking for a table a chair set for Christmas for their dolls.  Two weeks before Christmas, I realized that I did not purchase one.  Being that I had already spent our Christmas budget, I started looking up ideas to make furniture for their dolls.  I found some great sites, like Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog and Doll Diaries, and got to work on this table and chair set.  I was so proud of it, that I decided to keep making more items for my daughters' dolls.

Items needed:
Box for table top: 10" x 7"
Box for table leg: 6 1/2" Tall (I used a gift box.)
2 Boxes for chair seats: 7"x4" (I used Christmas light boxes.)
2 Large egg cartons
Duck Tape
Scotch Tape or Packing tape

Getting to Work:
Step 1:  Use the Scotch tape or packing tape to tape the flaps of boxes and egg cartons shut.
Step 2:  Table construction.  Using duck tape, secure the box for the table leg to the box for the table top.  I used silver duck tape.  I started with one layer to tape the two boxes together.  Then I continued using the silver duck tape to cover the entire table leg and the middle of the table top.  I used pink duck tape to cover the ends of the table top.
Step 3:  Chair construction.  First, I covered the entire egg carton in silver duck tape.  Then I connected the egg carton and the box for the seat using the silver duck tape.  I wrapped the silver duck tape about 4 times around the egg carton and box while pushing them firmly together.  To finish, I covered the sides and top seat area of the box with pink duck tape to match the table.
Step 4:  Repeat with second chair.

The kitchen in the closet Dollhouse.

Kanani trying out the table and chairs.

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