Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gwenie's New Doll Areas in her Room!

My two year old and I spent most of the day today working on her room.  We cleaned, organized, and set-up new doll spaces for her to play in.  Being a former Early Childhood teacher, I am very center based and like to have separate areas for different types of play (in this case, different types of dolls.)  I hope you enjoy the pictures!  Please feel free to leave me a comment or email me @

Bitty Baby Area:
Bitty #2 in the Bitty Baby retired highchair and Bitty Twins Henry, Paige and Bitty #1 in the retired Bitty Baby crib.  The Bittys have numbers because my two year just calls them Bitty Baby and they are numbered by her favorites.
Full view of the Bitty Baby Area with Bitty highchair, crib, changing table, car seat, and other accessories.
Bitty #2 sitting on the changing table.
Closer view of Bitty Twins Henry and Paige and Bitty #1 in the crib.  They all got a "bath" today!

 "Molly's" (American Girl Doll) House:
The Princess tent that we set Molly's house up inside of.
Molly and Laurien sitting on the couch I made for Gwen in front of the storage ottoman/coffee table that I made.
Molly's bed that I made, Mini Molly and the chair we found at the thrift store are in the bedroom corner of the house.
Pottery Barn Kid's doll sink that I found at the outlet for $15 is in the corner of the house opposite the couch and ottoman/table.
 Gwen's house for Molly is not as elaborate as the set-ups my two older girls have but she is only two.  I just wanted to give her a clear defined space to play in with her doll.  We still have plenty of time to make upgrade Molly's house as Gwen's collection grows.

Disney Princess Castle and Barbie Area:
The Disney Princess Castle that Gwenie got for Christmas from Santa.
Gwenie playing with her princesses. ( Excuse the diaper but she refused clothing at that point in the day. :))
 Storage Shelf for Dolls, Barbies, and other toys:
This shelf holds Belle, Rapunzel, Springfield "Doll," and Abbi Doll.  It also holds the basket of Barbie and princesses, Dora castle, Little People, and some dress up items.
 Other Areas of Room:

The entire corner of the room.  Also in this area is the toy box filled to the brim with dolls and stuffed animals, the princess dress-up box, and a Dora bed for the other dolls to use.
Gwenie's Princess bed.

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