Monday, January 23, 2012

Pictures of the Bathroom and new Bedroom of the Dollhouse

New Bedroom and Bathroom:
I would not say that these rooms are entirely complete yet, but I still have three more bedrooms to finish and the rop of the hose to make.  For now this is what the bathroom and the new bedroom on the bottom (floor level) of our "split level" dollhouse look like.  The rooms in the houses are always a "work in progress" as I make new pieces for my daughters, find Thrifty Fabulous Finds, or buy other doll related items.  Abbi and Lianna could not wait to try out the bathroom tonight, as I have been working on it since Saturday.  They were super excited for the new additions. 
The view of the new bedroom in the house from the front.  You can see the triple decker bunk bed I made (from a kitchen cart) with Isabella, Katie, and Ling all snuggled in bed.
The over-the top- of the wall view of the new bedroom.
The fuzzy sock chair that I made for the bedroom using instructions found on Karen Mom os Three's Blog.
The front view of the bathroom complete with "bubble filled" tub, chest/sitting bench, sink and upper cabinet, laundry basket (a Thrifty Fabulous Find!), towel holder, and bath mat.
The over-the-top of the wall view of the bathroom.  You can see the pass through doorway to the bedroom.
The other side of the bathroom and pass through door to the living area of the dollhouse.
Our Generation "Alex" trying out the "bubble bath."
Closer view of Alex in the tub.

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