Friday, January 6, 2012

How to Make a Kitchen for 18 inch Dolls: Part 2-Refrigerator

Part 2 of this project will tell you how to make a refrigerator for your 18 inch size dolls like American Girl dolls.
What you will need: 
-A box that is around the same height as your doll and not too wide.  I used a Monster High doll box left over from Christmas.
-Poster Board (your choice of color)
-Duck Tape (your choice of color)
-Thumb tacks
-One Silly Band
-Hot Glue gun

Getting to Work:
Step 1:  Cut the front side of the box along the outside edge, top and bottom to create a door that will open and shut.
Step2:  Cover the box with poster board or duck tape.  I used a combination of both because I wanted to keep some of the designs on the box visible.  I traced the front and one side of the box onto the posterbaord, cut it out, and hot glued it onto the box.  Then I covered the remaining sections of the box (that I wanted to cover) with duck tape.
Step 3:  Create a shelf for the inside of the refrigerator.  You could make more than one shelf based on the size of the box you are using and your preference.  Cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside the box with the door closed and then hot glue it in place.
Step 4:  Create a closure for the refrigerator.  I use the thumb tack and silly band method.  Use two thumb tacks, one with a ball head and one with a flat head.  Hot glue the flat head tack with silly band into place of the side of the box.  Hot glue the ball head thumb tack in place on the front of the box and back it up with a piece of cardboard and some duck tape to keep the point from poking out.  Then simply wrap the silly band around the ball head tack to close the door.
Step 5:  Freezer and refrigerator divider.  I just used a skinny piece of duck tape and stuck it to the front of the refrigerator at the shelf level to create a visual divider.  You could certainly cut the door piece to create two doors.  Then use Step 4 to create another closure.

Now you have a simple and easy refrigerator to use in your doll kitchen!

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  1. if you make another fridge for your child's doll try using a box taller than her doll. Also try making a freezer door, and seperating the inside of the fridge & freezer. That might make it look realistic.
    I mean I know that kids don't really care, but the crafter does.

  2. Love it! Check the blog I just made about sew and crafting for American girl dolls!