Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easy Doll Flower

Rebecca holding the doll flower.
How To Make an Easy Doll Flower:

Items Needed:
-Unused bath poof 
-Pipe Cleaner
-Hot glue

Getting to Work:
Step 1:  Cut the string around the middle of the bath poof.  This will allow the poof to be a loose mesh piece.
Step 2:  Cut a piece off the end that is about 3 inches wide.
Step 3:  Wrap the top pipe cleaner around the piece of the bath poof to create a flower like shape.  Make sure to leave enough of the pipe cleaner to also be the stem of the flower.
Step 4:  Hot Glue the pipe cleaner to the back of the flower you created in Step 3.
Step 5:  To have your doll hold the flower, simply place the pipe cleaner stem into the open fingers of your doll's hand and then wrap the pipe cleaner around the doll's wrist.

Pretty and simple!


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