Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to Make a Zumba Fitness Inspired set for Dolls

Rebecca modeling the Zumba set.
Gwen modeling her Zumba headband.
Another activity that I love is Zumba Fitness(R).  Zumba is a Latin-Dance inspired fitness activity and class.  I have been enjoying going to Zumba classes and also have two DVD sets.  My daughters are always asking for their own Zumba items so that they can join in on the fun, at least at home.

I thought that a Zumba inspired set would be a great addition to their doll play items.  In this set, there is a Zumba headband, Zumba T-Shirt, Zumba bag, and Zumba toning weights (or shakers as the girls call them.)  These items are based off of real Zumba(R) items that can be purchased from the  Zumba Fitness website.

How to Make a Zumba T-Shirt for your Doll:
Step 1:  Choose a simple doll t-shirt.  I used one of the T-shirts that came in the American Girl Doll Tees Book.
Step 2:  Choose your Zumba graphics.  I cut mine out of the books that came with my Zumba Fitness(R) DVD set.  You could also go online and select graphics, just be sure that the graphic has the trademark symbol beside it.
Step 3:  Glue the graphic onto the t-shirt and let dry.

How to Make a Zumba Headband for your Doll:
Step 1:  Buy  a Zumba wrist band (they normally cost $1 @ your local class) or use another stretchy type wrist band with a fun logo on it.
Step 2:  Cut the wrist band down the middle of the backside.
Step 3:  Measure a strip of elastic from one cut end of the wrist band to the other cut end around a doll's head and cut elastic to size.
Step 4: Attach elastic to wrist band.  I used hot glue first but the wrist band was too slippery for it to work.  Instead, I stapled it into place.  However, when I make another headband for my younger daughter, I am going to sew the elastic to the band.

How to Make a Zumba Bag for your Doll:
Step 1:  Choose or make a small doll sized bag.  I used a bag that I purchased in a set of three for $1.00 at Micheal's Craft Store.
Step 2:  Choose your Zumba (R) graphic or other fun fitness inspired graphic and glue to bag.
Step 3:  Let dry.

How to Make Zumba Toning Weights for your Doll:
Zumba Toning Sticks from Zumba Fitness
Step 1:  Gather straws, electrical tape, small beads, and craft Styrofoam balls.
Step 2:  Cut two straws to about 2 and 3/4 inch long each. 
Step 3:  Wrap straw with black electrical tape covering only one end first.
Step 4:  Put small beads into straw (to create the shaker noise when complete.)
Step 5:  Wrap other end and any remaining uncovered area of straw with black electrical tape.
Step 6:  Hot Glue one Styrofoam ball on with end of the straw and press firmly.  Your Styrofoam balls could really be any color you want.  The colors sold are green and purple.
That is why I choose to buy Styrofoam balls that were already green.
Step 7:  Repeat above Steps 3-6 with other straw.
Rebecca in her Zumba (R) t-shirt and headband.
Rebecca is ready for Zumba (R) class!

Now you have a fun fitness inspired set for your dolls!
Zumba Fitness (R) also offers classes for kids call ZumbaAtomic (R).  Check out to find a class near you!

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