Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How To Make Easy Dollar Store Gift Box Furniture!

How To Make Easy Dollar Store Gift Box Furniture for your dolls:
In this picture:  The doll storage cubbies are hung on Kanani's bedroom wall.  The vanity is in Amelia's bedroom.  My daughter uses a little pillow as the seat for the vanity.
Items Needed:
-small-medium sized gift boxes from the Dollar Store (or other store)
-Hot glue gun
-For Vanity:cd/dvd or small mirror
-Stickers or decorations as desired

Getting to Work:
Step 1:  Choose the type of furniture you want to make from your gift boxes and plan to use the boxes and lids accordingly.
Step 2:  Hot glue the pieces of the gift boxes and/or lids together to make the desired piece(s) of furniture for your dolls.  See Captions Below Pictures instructions on specific pieces shown.
Step 3:  Attach other items as needed (cd/dvd) and decorate furniture as desired.

Vanity:  Hot glue two gift boxes together side by side.  Then hot glue one lid to the middle of the two boxes for the backing of the "mirror."  Hot glue the cd/dvd reflective side facing out to create the mirror.  The same structure without the "mirror" could be used as a desk for your dolls.
Storage Cubbies for Dolls:  Hot glue two gift boxes together one on top of the other.  Face the open area of the boxes out so that doll items can be placed inside.  Decorate the cubbies as desired.
Coffee/end table:  Use three gift box lids.  Hot glue one gift box lid to the inside of both end sides of the upper gift box lid.
The coffee table sits in the center of the dolls' living room.
 ***Special Note:  These doll furniture crafts were inspired by a craft post I read on Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog.  I love her blog(s) and all the great ideas that really inspire me and other readers to create their own doll items!

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