Sunday, February 19, 2012

No Sew PJ Pannts for Hearts4Hearts Girl Doll

"Veronica" (aka Consuelo) is ready for bed in her new PJ pants.  As you can tell by her hair, she has had a long day of playing with my two year old, Gwenie.

No Sew PJ Pants For Hearts4Hearts Girl Doll:

Items Needed: 
-Sleeve from a toddler size 12-18months fleece shirt.
-Hot glue gun

Getting to Work:
Step 1:  Cut the sleeve off of the fleece shirt at the shoulder seam.  Make sure to leave the wrist band in place because this will be the waist band for the pants.
Step 2:  Turn the sleeve inside out and have the doll "try on the sleeve" and trim the bottom of the sleeve to the right length for the doll.
Step 3:  While the doll is still wearing the sleeve, make a little mark to show wear to stop cutting in the next step (when the "inseam should stop.")
Step 4:  Take the sleeve off the doll.  Cut the sleeve down the middle near the existing seam to create two pants legs, stopping at the marks made in Step 3. 
Step 5:  Use hot glue to glue the inside of each pant leg together to create the insides seams of each leg of the pants.
Step 6:  Turn right side out and dress your doll in her new PJ Pants.

Close up of the PJ Pants.

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