Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Pictures From My Sister Molly

My sister Molly is nine years old.  She has two American Girl dolls, Molly and Kirsten and a doll that came from a craft store.  I am not sure of that doll's name because my sister keeps changing it. :)  My sister is one of my avid readers of my blog!  She loves to make furniture and doll items inspired by my blog.  In a previous post, I shared pictures of other items she has made.  Click HERE to see the older post about my sister, Molly.  I wanted to share with you a couple pictures that she sent me yesterday (keep in mind that she took the pictures with her phone.)
This is my sister Molly with her AG Molly doll and the wardrobe she made (from the previous post.)
The stove and oven that she made for her dolls.  I love the different pints of duck tape that she used.

The inside of the oven.
Kirsten cooking her "Famous Alphabet Noodle Soup."
Molly's dolls enjoying Kirsten's "Famous Alphabet Noodle Soup" at the table she made.  I made the couch that Kirsten and her friend are sitting on, and my sister made the couch that Molly is sitting on.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Thank you, Molly, for sharing!

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