Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Doll Salon

Madame Alexander doll "Katie" is waiting to have her hair re-braided.
I have been wanting to do a specific post on our doll salon for a while, so here it is.  My middle daughter really wanted a doll salon for her last birthday (she turned 6.)  She loves to play salon and loves it even more when Mommy can do her dolls hair.

I thought about buying an American Girl brand doll hair station.  However, at the time we had just moved and one of those stations just did not fit budget wise.  Instead, I decided to make her a salon out of items that could be re-purposed and some hair related items for dolls that we already owned.  I did purchase a second doll salon chair from Target-Our Generation, duck tape, and some additional hair styling items.

The base/floor of the doll salon is made of two end tables and the "wall" behind is a piece of cardboard.  I covered those items in purple, pink, and zebra print duck tape to fit my daughter's style.  The hair station is a small three drawer container that I believe came from Target.  It holds hair ties, ribbon, wire hair brushes and picks, toothbrushes for smoothing the dolls' hair, and barrets.  I decorated it with glitter stickers that say "My Salon" and crazy glued a small mirror to the top.

Side view of the salon area.
I used a bath caddy (sitting under that tables) to store additional hair supplies, pretend makeup, my daughter's salon apron, and other hair styling accesories.  The railings on the table serve as a place to the doll wraps and aprons.  I also cut out some pictures from the American Girl catalog and attached them to the salon "wall" to use as a hair styling guide.

The doll salon is definitely one of the favorite play areas for my big girls and their friends.  It is also a space where they can try out different hair styles on each other and their dolls.  I often go downstairs to pick-up the girls' rooms as find many attempts on "new" hair styles on their dolls.

Some of the dolls sitting on the waiting bench.  As you can see, the middle doll (a TollyTot) "Paige," has already had one hair style attempted.  :)
Closer view of the girls in waiting for their hair appointments.
TollyTot "Isabella after her hair appointment at he salon.  She got lots of little braids.

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