Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Turn the Inside of a Hearts4Hearts Box into a Doll Bed

From this.........
to this!

Hearts4Hearts Doll Bed
I love re-purposing materials, boxes and well just about anything I can!  So, when I saw the shape of this box, I was super excited to be able to turn it into a bed for Gwenie's Hearts4Hearts Doll "Veronica" (aka Consuelo.)

Items Needed:
-Hearts4Hearts inside box.  (The doll was only tied in at one spot and easy to remove without damaging the box.)
-Packaging tape
-Tacky Glue/craft glue  
-Pen or pencil
-Scrap-booking paper/craft paper(I used the American Girl Craft Paper that is sold at Micheal's Craft Store.)
Getting To Work:
Step 1:  Remove doll from the box and take the inside box out of the larger box.
Step 2:  Trace the outer four sides of the box onto cardboard and cut out.
Step 3: Trace cardboard pieces onto craft/ scrap-booking paper or your choice of design and color and cut out. 
Step 4:  Use the Tacky glue to glue the cardboard onto the four outer sides of the box.  **I chose to do this to make the bed sturdier. 
Step 5:  Attach the craft paper to the corresponding sides of the bed using the packaging tape.  I did not glue the paper onto the cardboard because I did not want glue spots or the paper to become wet and rip.  The packaging tape also serves the purpose of a laminate to keep the paper from ripping during playtime--be sure to cover all the craft paper with packaging tape and overlap as necessary.
Step 6:  Choose the bedding for your dolls new bed!  We used a heart pillow from the Dollar Store and a Zebra print hand towel that I found at a Pottery Barn outlet.

The front of the bed.
The back of the bed.

Veronica enjoying her new bed!  She is so pretty!
Stay tuned for a follow-up post where I will show you how to turn the outside Hearts4Hearts box into a doll wardrobe!

From this to........??????

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