Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photos from Allyson: My Blog's Frist Giveaway Winner!

Allyson H. won my blog's first giveaway.  She got to choose a piece of doll furniture featured as a "How To" on my blog as her prize.  Allyson choose the Oven/Stove for her prize.  I made her a new one with the same colors as the one shown in the post: How To Make a Kitchen for 18 inch Sized Dolls-Part 1

I am so glad that Allyson and her doll, Cecile, liked the oven.  They sent me three cute pictures of Cecile making croissants.  Thanks for sharing the picture Allyson!
Here is the beautiful Cecile with her new oven.

Cecile is baking croissants.

Yum!Yum! They are delicious!
I hope that Allyson and Cecile continue to enjoy their new oven!  I plan to do another giveaway when I reach 3,000 page views.  Stay tuned for the announcement!


  1. Thanks sooo much the oven is soo cute!!! I love it!!!!