Monday, February 6, 2012

Easy Valentine's Card for Dolls

If you are looking for a simple Valentine's Day craft to do with your daughters or doll or both :), these cards are just right!  This is a very easy and quick way to make some cute card to give to your dolls or to have your dolls give to each other.  Also, you could also add more decorations to your liking.
Items Needed:
-Construction Paper in a Valentine' Day color
-Markers or pens
-Gems, glitter, or sticker, etc. to your liking

Getting to work:
Step 1:  Fold your construction paper into strips that are about 2 inches wide and then cut apart.
Step 2:  Fold the paper strip into little rectangles and cut apart.
Step 3:  Fold the paper rectangles in half to make the mini card.
Step 4:  Write cute sayings on the cards and decorate the cards with glitter, gems, stickers, or other items of your choice.

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