Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No Sew PJ Top for Hearts4Hearts Girl

This is a follow up post to: No Sew PJ Pants for Hearts4Hearts Girls.  I wanted to make a simple top to go with the PJ Pants using what I had left of the toddler fleece.  I had the hood with a little bit on the shirt remaining attached and another sleeve.  After playing around with the pieces for a while, I decided to cut the hood off of the remaining piece of the shirt and drape the piece of shirt around "Veronica."  It actually worked better than expected.  I was able to make a sort of "wrap-shirt."  I tied a not in the back and put a small dot of hot glue on the left inside of the two pieces to keep the shirt together.
The back is not pretty but I like the front and it serves it's purpose for my daughter.

Above, "Veronica" is posing with B.F.C. Ink Aleisha who is wearing a no sew skirt from the same toddler fleece.  I think they look like sisters!

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