Friday, February 17, 2012

Doll Table Needed...Off to my craft room I go.

Dolls in the back(from left to right): A friend's "Jasmine" doll, Gwenie's Molly, and a friend's Kanani.  On the side:  Gwenie's "Abbi Doll."  In the front:  Gwenie's Springfield Olivia and Disney toddler princess Pocahontas.
We had some extra friends and dolls over at our house today since there was no school (for President's Day.)  My little Gwenie and her friends were all playing in the kitchen area.  I brought an extra table out so that all six kiddos had a place to sit for "dinner," but there still was not enough room for the dolls.

I quickly thought of the shelf in my craft room that holds material, boxes, etc. for projects I am planning.  I knew there was an inside of a doll box on it that I have been planning to turn into a table for the dolls.  So, I ran to my craft room and grabbed it (see above.)  Of course, the table has not yet been finished but it still worked perfectly for the dolls today.

The kiddos and the dolls enjoyed a solid forty-five minutes of fun playing in the kitchen area, serving each other and the dolls, and having conversations.  Gwenie's Bitty Babies even were invited a little later.  All together, a successful morning of fun and doll play! 
Side view.  You can see a Bitty waiting in her stroller to be seated.
This weekend, I plan to finish the table so that it can be a permanent part of our doll play.  Not sure yet what color(s) or design I will put on the table.  I will also reinforce in the some cardboard cut to fit on the inside of the table.  I will post pictures of the table after it is finished.

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