Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pictures of my Craft Room Completed for Now...

My Craft Room

Shelf with a (USA) tub of toilet paper rolls, Ag craft books and Ag craft paper, one basket of fabric, one basket of misc. craft items, and misc. books.  The other "shelf" is a converted baby changing table.  The top shelf has my Madame Alexander "Rebecca" doll and her wardrobe on the left.  B.F.C. Ink doll Aleisha is sitting on a wooden chair beside the Pottery Barn Kids dolls sink.  The middle shelf holds some of my current projects. The bottom shelf holds some of the boxes I use to make different pieces of furniture.
The storage cubbies I made from egg boxes are above the shelves.  These cubbies hold boxes, containers, some fabric, and some misc. craft items.
The cabinet above my desk holds my duck tape and other crafting items.
View of my desk/cabinet area.  I still need to move a chair into the room.
Some additional storage cubbies made from egg boxes sit across from my desk.  These hold some AG books, misc. mini items for dolls, and some other materials.
Closer view of Rebecca and Aleisha.
Closer view of the storage cubbies.
This is the wall across from my desk.  I plan to hang picture of inspiration, etc. on these board.  Also, above the boards in a little house for miniatures.  Currently, there are two mini LalaLoopsies living here.

 I am looking forward to using this space to craft instead of crating all over the house.


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