Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Easy Jean Pocket Pillows for Dolls

My daughters love having lots of pillows to use with their dolls.  They love to change the pillows around and use them for extra seating.  One of the easiest ways I have come up with to make a doll pillow "on the fly" is by using pockets from an old (but clean) pair of jeans.
Pillow on the left is the front.  Pillow on the right is the back.

Items Needed:
-Old pair of jeans
-Pillow stuffing 

Getting to Work:
Step 1:  Cut the back pockets and the piece of jean they are sewn to out around the seams.  Make sure to not separate the pockets from the inside piece of jean.  The sides and bottom should remain sewn at the existing seams.
Step 2:  Trim any edges as necessary.
Step 3:  Stuff with pillow stuffing.
Step 4:  Pin the top of the pockets closed and the use the needle and thread to hand sew the top of the pockets closed.  This create the pillows.

Here are a couple pictures of the pillows "in action."

Mia (on the top bunk) is resting on her jean pillow.  She had a long ice skating practice today!  Ruthie (on the bottom) is just hanging out.  She likes how soft her jean pillow is.
Here is a close up of Mia...She was so tired that she even kept her skates on. :)
Here is a close up of Ruthie holding her jean pillow.