Friday, February 24, 2012

Monster High Duck Tape Clothes

Doll Diaries recently had a post about using duck (duct) tape to make clothing for Monster High Dolls.  Click HERE to see the post.  I decided that since my daughters have recently become fans of this brand of dolls, I would try it out.

This is my daughter Gwenie's Monster High Doll.  I made the shirt and skirt she is wearing out of duck tape (the red shorts came with one of her outfits when we bought her.) 
I do make doll clothing out of duck tape, but this is not the method I normally use. I tried very hard to follow the directions I found in the Doll Diaries post.   I would have to say that it would not as easy as the video in the post made it seem.  It was hard to maneuver the skirt onto the doll after my first attempt at making the skirt by following the directions.  I ended up adding in more strips of duck tape to make the skirt a little bigger so that it would fit over the dolls thighs and bottom.  The shirt, however, was pretty easy to make.  I will make another attempt to make these types of clothing this weekend for my older two daughters' Monster High Dolls.

I am still not totally sure about these dolls. My daughters really like them so I will do my best to grow to like them as well.  Please feel free to let me know what you think about these dolls.


  1. When I tried making the skirt it took me about 3 or 4 times before I could do it. It was way harder than the video made it look for sure. But I got the hang of it afterwards.

  2. Yes, the skirt was definitely harder to make than the video seemed. Good for you for your effort!