Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Madame Alexander Dollie & Me Doll Rebecca's First Meeting with AG Emily

My Madame Alexander Dollie & Me Doll Rebecca had a new friend move into her room (aka my craft room) yesterday.....my new American Girl doll Emily.  It was pretty late last night and Rebecca had been snacking on left over St. Pattie's Day treats which is why she looks oh so tired.

 Emily came in dressed in her new American Girl Place PJ's ready for a fun sleepover.  She even brought her shopping bag from AG Place Washington, DC with her to share with Rebecca.  However, Rebecca was not in the mood for sharing.  She was pretty unhappy about Emily having nice new PJ's while she still does not.

Rebecca decided to let Emily stay anyway.  The two did chat a little while hanging out on the couch.  Of course, Rebecca made sure that I knew that she was expecting new PJ's soon too.

I think the two dolls will soon become good friends.  I must say that I am really happy I bought Emily for myself.  She is so pretty, and I think she will make an excellent model for me once I started making doll clothing.  I always wanted an American Girl doll.  I remember reading Kirsten's books over and over again when I was little and looking at pictures of her outfits in catalogs.  I do think that it was worth the wait to get Emily.  She seems like the right fit in my doll crafting and also with my daughters' dolls.

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