Saturday, March 31, 2012

Taking Orders for Re-purposed Custom Couches

As you may know, I make a lot of doll furniture using recycled and re-purposed materials.  I believe in reusing items and the good impact it has on our planet to do so.  One of the main furniture pieces I make for dolls is the couch.  My couches fit dolls that are 14-18inches.  Normally, each couch can sit two dolls. 
Blue Couch

I am currently taking orders for these couches for North American residents.  The couches are $15.00 each plus standard shipping.  If you are interested in ordering a doll couch please email me at with the subject line COUCH.  You can specify the color(s) that you would like the couch to be.  If you would like a particular print, please let me know, and I will confirm if I have the print available for your couch.

Payment is to be made through PayPal within 48 hours of my invoice confirmation.  I will give you my PayPal information in an email after you place your order.  I will need your address in the initial email so that I am able to calculate shipping cost as well as ship the couch to you once it is made.
Below are some additional pictures of couches that I have made.

A couch that I sent to Karen Mom of Three was featured on her Maplelea Blog.  Maplelea Salia(18 inch) is lounging on the couch.
And Karen's son even got in on the couch playtime using his stuffed animals!  So cute!
Cheetah Print Couch
Black Zebra Print Couch

Purple Couch
Starry Purple Couch

Molly (18 inch) and Aliesha (slim 18 inch) sitting on the Blue couch.
The couches can be used as seating with tables also!  The dolls are the Purple couch are 18 inch and slim 18 inch.  The dolls on the Blue couch are 14-16 inches.
Madame Alexander 18 inch and American Girl 18 inch both fit on the couch together.

The Cheetah Print couch set-up in our dolls' living area.

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