Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our American Girl "Loot" from Ag Place Washington, D.C.

My daughter Lianna and her new Ivy doll.
Ivy in her own with her accessories.
My daughter Abbi with her new Addy doll.
Addy on her own with her accessories.
My sister Molly with her new McKenna doll.
McKenna on her own with her dog Cooper.
My daughter Gwenie with her new Rebecca doll.
Rebecca on her own with her hat and her kittens.
My new Emily doll.
Now, I am not one for pictures and I was sans-makeup, hair pulled back, and already in my PJ's BUT my girls thought it only fair that I include myself in a picture with my new doll.
 Above:  Bitty Better Set, Bitty Twins Meal Time Set, Bitty Twin Boy Car PJ's, and the Bitty Baby Changing Table Accessories.
To the right:  A mini AG Doll carrier (each of the girls got one.)
Below:  AG PJ Set, AG Washington, DC doll shirt (each of the girls got one) a AG Washington, AG shirt for Gwenie, the Bistro cups and plates (we got two sets), AG School set (Abbi and Lianna each got a set,) Rebecca's Hanukkah Dress, the Table Talking game, the Pretty Party Outfit, and Gwenie spa items and mini shopping bag.

Left:  McKenna's PJ's
Right:  The AG shoes the girls each got.  Gwen and Li got the dressy silver shoes, Ab got sporty sandals, and Molly got tan boots.
Below:  Addy's Sunday Best and the Doll Hair Salon Book.


 We also bought Kit's dog Grace for Abbi's Kit doll to play with.

I will post pictures of the dolls wearing the outfits, etc. in another post.

 ***Just a disclosure:  We do not normally spend this amount of money on items.  Hence, the reason why I make most of my daughters' doll furniture and play items.  However, our once a year to an American Girl store is a special tradition that we started last year.  The items that our daughters and sister received this year are meant as (early) birthday presents.  We do not take vacations, we usually buy most things used or on the cheaper end, coupon for everything, make items that we need for play and school, and all overall very thrifty in our lives.  We save up to be able to give our daughters a special experience with their dolls.  This year we were able to include my little sister and mom in the experience.
I know many people do not believe in paying high prices for items and normally, our family does not either.  I am not promoting or suggesting that anyone needs to buy any of the items in this post.  I am just letting my readers enjoy pictures of our new items and also posting them so that my daughters are able to share the pictures with friends.***


  1. Oh I am so beyond jealous! I really want IVY! Thank you so much for sharing all these photos with us!

  2. Thank you for reading. ivy is a very pretty doll. We have been debating about getting her for a while. My husband is half Chinese (his family is specifically from Taiwan)so we try to buy Asian dolls when we can. My middle daughter, Lianna, in the picture with Ivy is who got Ivy. Out of all three of my girls, she happened to get most of the Asian genes passed on to her. She was so excited about how much Ivy looked like her!

  3. I am with ou on the last paragraph!We go once a year too and its very special!But that must have been like 1000 dollars!But your daughters must be having a blast!