Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cute Thrift Store Finds

I am always on the lookout for doll sized items when we go to thrift stores.  I love finding an item that is just the perfect size and giving it a little makeover, too.  Yesterday, we were thrifty clothing shopping for our daughters and happened upon three items that were just perfect for our daughters' dolls (along with every Princess shirt they had in the kids section for Gwenie, lol.)  Here are the pictures of the items:
On the left:  A blue and stars Jewelry box that will make a perfect addition to my big girls' doll room.  It will be great for storing little items, and my daughter Abbi really wants it to function as stairs as well.  On the Right:  A sweet wooden chair just the perfect size.  It is also sturdy enough to handle Gwenie's play.
A wooden bench.  I am not quite sure whether this will fit into the doll room, Gwenie's room, or my craft room yet.
Gwenie's Rebecca doll sitting on the wooden chair.

 Normally when I buy these types of items at a thrift store, I give them a little makeover to fit my daughters' style or the particular doll they want to use it with.  The blue Jewelry box and wooden flower chair are already really cute so I will just leave them as is.  I am not entirely sure of the plan for the wooden bench.  I will update with pictures when I have decided.

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