Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some More Cute Finds!

So I really will be posting some more crafts this week but my two year old's respiratory issues have really put a damper on completing my projects.  She was born with respiratory issues and has had to use a nebulizer ("breathing machine with medicine") since she was 3 months old.  With the way the weather has been going from hot to freezing in just a day around here in PA, she has had a lot more breathing issues than normal.  I hope these pictures of a couple more cute thrift store finds will hold everyone over for now.  =)
Two Candle holders that I thought could serve nicely as end tables or tray tables for the dolls.

Rebecca (Madame Alexander) and Emily (American Girl) are hanging out on their couch.  The tables are just the right height for the dolls when they are sitting.  Emily has her drink on her table and Rebecca has a heart cookie on hers.
This is actually a set for dogs.  It is a scarf and four leg warmers.
Here is Emily wearing the scarf from the set above.  It has a little loop under one side of the scarf to slip the other side through to hold the scarf in place.  It is a cute fit!  I do have to say again how pretty of a doll Emily is and that she is perfect for my photos.
The leg warmers fit both my American Girl doll Emily and my BFC Ink doll Aleisha.  They are a little snug on Emily but are still pretty cute.

And finally a little jewelry box dresser.  Yes, I know, I buy a lot of these but they are just so cute.  I also love adding them to one of my daughters' dolls' rooms and the extra storage for little items for the dolls.

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  1. The two candle holders could also be used for grills.

    1. That is a good idea. I think they may be a little too short but I will give it a try and post a picture this weekend.