Monday, April 30, 2012

Cute Doll Sized Food and Drink Finds

I found these cute doll sized food and drink items this weekend.  I purchased the treats at our local Family Dollar store (which is sort of like a "general store") for $1.00 each set.  The cupcakes were one set and the ice cream cones, pie and cake were another set.  They are all erasers. 

I found these little soda (lip glosses) and a store called Five & Below, where everything is $5.00 and below.  They were $1.00 each.  I have also purchased similar ones at Target in the Dollar Isle.  

Emily (AG) and Rebecca (Madame Alexander) are hanging out with a treat and a soda.  Now I do not encourage soda drinking, however there are just the perfect size for the doll and great for play!  Rebecca is also holding an ice cream cone to eat.  It fit perfectly in her hand!
Close up of a cupcake and soda on the table.
My two year old, Gwenie, giving her Rebecca (AG) some soda to drink.
My nine year old, Abbi, giving Addy (AG) some soda.

I love finding cute and affordable items for my daughters to use with their dolls.  Food shaped erasers and lip glosses are normally inexpensive and make for a great play time with their dollies.  My daughters certainly enjoy them!

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  1. That is so wierd! I just read your post (10:21 PM), and earlier today I also went to Family Dollar (in Gouverneur) and found those erasers! I was going to get all three different packs that they had, but I didn't have enough money. :(