Friday, April 13, 2012

Quick and Simple Bedding for your Mini Doll's Bed

How to Make Quick and Simple Bedding for you Mini Doll's Bed.

Items Needed: 
-Fabric (or I used two old shirts that my daughters' have grown out of.)
-Sewing Machine OR Needle and thread to hand sew
-Pillow stuffing
-Sewing Pins

 Getting to Work:
Step 1- 3 are on making the cover/blanket for the bed.

Step 1: Choose the fabric or shirts you want to use to make the bedding.  Cut two pieces of fabric using your bed as a guide for the measurements .  (I cut one piece from each shirt.)  One piece of fabric should be about 1/2 an inch bigger than the other.  Click HERE to see instructions on how to make the mini doll's bed.

Step 2:  Use the sewing pins to pin the smaller piece of fabric to the larger piece (right sides out.)  Pin about 1/2 an inch in from the edge of the smaller piece of fabric.

Step 3:  Machine or hand sew the two pieces of fabric together using the pins as the guide.

To Make the Pillows:
Step 1 and 2:  Cut two pieces of fabric (I used the sleeve of one of the shirts.)  The pieces of fabric should be as wide as the doll bed (about four inches wide--in this picture going top to bottom when folded.  8 inches unfolded) and about 3 inches long.  Fold the fabric in half with the right sides touching (inside out) and pin each pillow together on the two longer sides.  Leave the small side (on the top in the picture) unpinned.

Step 3:  Sew the two longer sides of each pillow together.  Leave the shorter side open.

Step 4:  Turn the pillow right side out and stuff with pillow stuffing.  Repeat with second pillow.

Step 5:  Sew the open end of your pillow closed.

The bedding is complete and can be laid out in different ways.

My version is also reversible because I choose fabric that was cute on both sides.

I hope you AG Mini doll or other mini dolls enjoy their new bed and bedding.  Please feel free to share pictures by emailing me @ or posting on my Facebook!



  1. WHen are you going to post again? I like reading your crafts:)

  2. Thank you! I am working on getting back into a regular posting schedule.