Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Turn Dollar Store Finds Into Furniture for AG Mini Dolls

I found these cute little candle chairs (left) and doll house table (right) at my local dollar store.  I thought they would make the perfect furniture for my youngest daughter's mini Molly's living room.  The candle chairs have a tropical theme and are purple which is her new favorite color.  I decided that I would need to give the table a little makeover.  This was a fast and simple project that allowed me to add more mini play furniture to my daughter's growing collection in a very affordable way!

For the Table's Makeover:
Step 1:  I chose two coordinating colors of duck tape to go with the candle chairs, purple and green.
Step 2:  I covered the top of the table with the purple duck tape, making sure to wrap the duck tape around the sides of the top piece of the table to cover the edges.
Step 3: I covered the legs, side pieces and underneath of the table with the green duck tape.

This table is the perfect size to use as a coffee table for AG mini dolls.  Mini Molly loves her new furniture!

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